April 7, 2019

Maybe change "push" to encourage and support you to do better would be more appropriate? What do you think?

Some people bring out the best in us, some not so much!

Our differences, our uniqueness, we bring into our relationships ideally should contribute to the overall e...

April 2, 2019

I love science, always have, always will. How many times while in math or science class, you thought "I will never use this in life." Then life happens and we find out that elements of what we spent hours studying comes into our lives. Really, physics and yoga! Hello!!...

This fall I launch a new series of workshops focusing on relationships. I will leave it general for now since the scope of relationships is pretty broad.

In the years I have been teaching yoga and guiding my students; and private clients on how to let go off some the re...

How often have you found yourself attached to something, someone, an emotion, an experience? Have you observed your reaction to the attachment? We re-play an event; we obsess over what will happen if we don't have an object; we wonder what we could have done differentl...

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Yoga IS Manly

November 15, 2016

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