We welcome yoga teachers from all over the world! 


The Yoga and Wellness Studio offers Yoga Alliance non-contact eligible online continuing education courses. 


Pick and choose from 15 different modules* and explore many different facets of yoga beyond the mat that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of your practice. 


Work at your own pace, and make your own schedule. Each module is 1-2.5 hours long and includes a combination of video, and written assignment work to assess your comprehension of the lessons learned.


New courses are being added all the time, so be sure to visit and bookmark the Yoga and Wellness Studio online yoga teacher training site to learn more, and to register.

Modules currently available online:

1. Yoga & Trauma, Fundamental Theory for Yoga Teachers

2. Ayurveda-Buidling Dosha Balancing Practices


*Modules vary in terms of eligibility for non-contact training hours.


Current Course List

1. Yoga and Ayurevda - The ABC’s of Ayurveda (2.5 hour non-contact CEC eligible)

2. Basic Trauma Theory - (1.5 hour non-contact CEC eligible)