And When Deceit Seems to be the Norm

This fall I launch a new series of workshops focusing on relationships. I will leave it general for now since the scope of relationships is pretty broad.

In the years I have been teaching yoga and guiding my students; and private clients on how to let go off some the residue that has accumulated in their lives, this topic comes up-deception. Given the nature of what is happening globally, especially south of the border, deceit is running amok.

Sir Walter Scott summed it up when we said what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. He was right-it becomes a mess to try and undo the effects of deception and the harm it causes, sometimes a reflection of what shits we can be towards each other.

In relationships, deception may be the result of sparing the other person's feelings. Personally, I have yet to meet anyone who has said "you know I was ok with being lied to." Most go, I'd rather have been told the truth and dealt with it. But this is often after the fact-when the truth is being expressed, most often the reaction is the opposite.

The ugly part of deceit in a relationship is when it occurs for personal gain. How do we ever give someone that much power to f*#k us up that much through deceit?

The relationship we have with ourselves, well, wait for those thoughts. I have to reign myself in!

But my point is, in this age of universal deceit, telling the truth is considered revolutionary. Who is in to be part of teh revolution?

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