Surround Yourself with Those Who Bring Your Best

Maybe change "push" to encourage and support you to do better would be more appropriate? What do you think?

Some people bring out the best in us, some not so much!

Our differences, our uniqueness, we bring into our relationships ideally should contribute to the overall equilibrium in the relationship. But sometimes, we find ourselves in relationships where the differences are so great, there is no balance.

Surround yourself with those who bring out your best and not your worst. It is not about "positive vs, negative" people in your life, it is about incompatible differences in values, thoughts, beliefs, personalities, etc. that cause us to have grief, aggravation, deviate from who we are and what is important to us when in their presence. We become someone we are not to try and please them, accommodate their behavior towards us.

Positive thoughts. Positive speech. Positive actions.

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